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The customer expects to be at the centre of the universe. He expects to be valued, represented and he expects to be able to decide how, when and where to interact with us.

It means having a loyal spokesperson in love with your brand.

To make this happen, working on a 360° experience for the client is fundamental; every interaction and occasion for a contact needs to be customized, through every channel, in real time. Creating new relationship forms, a bidirectional and personal dialogue, centered on every single person’s value and expectation, more and more alive.

This is the secret to give life to an emotional bond with the target, strong and durable.
DM Group’s Map traces the ideal path to spot and follow the consumer through every step of the acquisition and the purchase process. From the engagement on external media not controlled by the brand, to not controlled places where to give life to a relationship of trust, like web or social networks. Then we listen, we understand, we deeply know every single user, through database management techniques, and we offer a highly customized customer experience, more and more effective, following the movements and the changes in time.


The instruments, the process, the strategies for your success.


360° consulting on multichannel communication, social and direct. Conception of online and offline integrated strategies. Market analysis: benchmark, assessment and scouting.

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Business intelligence

Database management solutions to transform data into strategic resources. Database Analysis, Customer Profiling, Geotargeting e Data Mining.

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Lead generation

Conception and development of strategies to generate qualified contacts and get new customers, from web ADV to SEM, from email marketing to the creation of landing pages. All through marketing automation processes.

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Multichannel solutions to efficiently manage the relationship with the consumers (CRM) and to improve the whole experience development of the customers (CXM).

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Social Media Management

Management of the relationship with the target through social media: promotional campaigns and engagement strategies, integrating social Apps with database marketing, advertising planning.

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Online contests & gaming

Conception and development of contests, promotions, instant wins, branded games to involve the target on web, integrating all the digital media at our disposal: from web to mobile.

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Web adv & programmatic buying

Complete management of web advertising campaigns and programmatic buying: from traditional planning to new computerized technologies of Real Time Bidding.

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Web e Mobile Solutions

Conception and development of web applications and digital products: from institutional websites to mini promotional websites, from e-commerce solutions to mobile web Apps.

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Creative solutions

Creative conception of traditional and digital communication concepts, graphic design and copywriting..

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation solutions to track constantly all the interactions of each user and with different devices. A methodology for improving the customer experience and build a one to one communication in line with the real needs of its customers.

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Events organization, in-store activities and promotional touch-points, to create the biggest brand experience.

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